Joe Mercola

Alternative health guru Joe Mercola claims there's been a massive increase in autism cases since the 1960s and that the weedkiller glyphosate is a "key culprit." He's wrong on both points.
Big news in the NFL! Superstar Aaron Rodgers, who claimed that he was "immunized" was playing the hidden ball trick with the public. He was nothing of the sort. Rodgers got homeopathic "treatment" instead of a vaccine and caught COVID. Perhaps he has taken too many shots to the head and not enough in the arm.
Joe "Crazy Joe" Mercola was just targeted by the Times, which called him "The Most Influential Spreader of Coronavirus Misinformation Online." For Mercola this is probably a compliment since his rejection of science and medicine has enabled him to amass a $100 million fortune selling junk online. It was nice to see The Times weighing in – but they're a little late to the party. ACSH has been doing just this for more than a decade. Some examples of our work.
It's been a pretty ghastly 14 months thanks to COVID. But, let's look on the bright side. Here are four benefits that resulted from the pandemic. Maybe.
Anti-GMO activists routinely label scientists and biotech supporters "shills for Monsanto." However, a new study suggests that those who spread GMO disinformation are the ones who are actually motivated by money.
Joe Mercola has hit rock bottom, which is no small task considering he's been a bottom dweller forever. But this time, he's crossed the line by suggesting that pesticides, environmental pollution, and vitamin deficiencies are the cause of Zika microcephaly. By doing so, he is actively putting babies at risk. Shame on him.
Our old friend Joe Mercola had a rather embarrassing week. His obscenely overpriced Organic Daily Face Cleanser was found to contain a pesticide called azadirachtin. And, if that isn't funny enough, the stuff also contains aloe vera, which was just placed on California's Proposition 65 List as a carcinogen. Oh Joe, say it ain't so!
Every year when summer is right around the corner, ACSH typically provides health and safety tips that are practical and useful. We also occasionally debunk junk science and medicine. Today, you get two for the price of one.
Dr. Josh Bloom in Science 2.0, March 22, 2015 Let s give a big shoutout to Gawker . They really stuck it to the Times by pointing out that their columnist Nick Bilton, who writes about technology, business,
Let s give a big shoutout to Gawker today. They really stuck it to the Times by pointing out that their columnist Nick Bilton, who writes about style (and should obviously not venture beyond this) had some questions about potential health hazards from the new Apple Watch.
Dr. Josh Bloom on Science 2.0, May 21, 2014. Is life great or what?