Aaron Rodgers Passes on Vaccine, Catches COVID, and Fumbles Reporter's Question

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Big news in the NFL! Superstar Aaron Rodgers, who claimed that he was "immunized" was playing the hidden ball trick with the public. He was nothing of the sort. Rodgers got homeopathic "treatment" instead of a vaccine and caught COVID. Perhaps he has taken too many shots to the head and not enough in the arm.

Aaron Rodgers, the superb QB of the Green Bay Packers, is known (among other many other things) for being quick on his feet. This attribute, unfortunately, doesn't follow him off the field, as evidenced by his mega-lame answer to reporter's question at a press conference this past August:

Reporter: "Have you been vaccinated? And what's your stance on vaccinations?

Rodgers: "Yeah, I'm immunized."

(You can watch the interview on YouTube.)

Hoo boy. Did he really think he was going to get away with that? Yet, somehow he did, at least for a while. But Rodgers' feeble (yet sneaky) answer to this straightforward question now makes him sound like an Olympic-class dimwit, since he now has COVID

There are precisely two ways to become "immunized"– 1) get vaccinated or 2) catch COVID and recover from it. Rodgers had neither. Instead, he decided that homeopathy (penalty flag goes flying) was a better option. Which can only force me to conclude that he's taken too many shots to the head and not enough in the arm.

Rodgers will be able to resume his infectious career on November 13 (at the earliest). Photos Wikimedia, Twitter

What kind of "treatment" did Rodgers receive? No one really knows, but since it involves "alternative medicine," it might be nice to see what the "experts" are using.

Mike Adams (The Health Ranger)

Demented Mike runs up the score when it comes to vaccines. He has claimed (1) that they kill more people than they save, don't prevent infection, and are responsible for the variants – all patently ridiculous statements.

What does he or those writing for him recommend? All kinds of crap, including green chiretta, hydroxychloroquine, and chlorine dioxide (a type of bleach). Sound familiar? 

Joe "Crazy Joe" Mercola

Adams and Mercola should be playing in the Screwball Super Bowl. Just like his nemisis, Mercola has an interesting take on the vaccines. Mercola.com claims that Pfizer has added a "heart attack ingredient" to its children's vaccine, that the mRNA vaccines are gene therapy, and that the vaccine is more dangerous than COVID. He has also co-authored a book with a foreword by RFK Jr. (!), who, whenever you think that his credibility can't go any lower proves you wrong, filled with more crazed theories.

What does Mercola endorse? It's not a whole lot better than Adams. In fact, Adams got slapped with a warning letter from the FDA for selling Liposomal Vitamin C, Liposomal Vitamin D3, Quercetin and Pterostilbene Advanced as COVID treatments.

What did Rodgers use?

I don't know, but I do have my suspicions...

Original photo: Twitter


(1) Some of the articles on the Natural News site are written by others, but it's pretty fair to assume it is with Adams' blessing.