junk science

ACSH trustee Dr. Jack Fisher s new book on the story of one of the sad chapters in American legal history the unwarranted attack by the tort industry, ably abetted by the FDA under David Kessler, against Dow Corning for damages supposedly caused by their silicone breast implants has just been published.
As you well know, at ACSH, our job is to talk about and reveal junk science. This is usually not especially difficult, since the same set of
We thought we hammered an Israeli study on artificial sweeteners pretty hard in our Sept 18th Dispatch article Israeli study on sugar substitutes is complete bullsweet. Maybe we did, but we were seriously out-hammered by Matt Raymond s piece Of Mice and Media: A Credulous Response to an Iffy Sweetener Study.
In a hard-hitting essay, Paul Driessen accuses Greenpeace and its Big Green accomplices of being threats to the health and economic well-
When national debates, contesting social and public standards, come to a boil, research studies are frequently a neutral and
Friday's Medical Wrap includes GM labeling - is a federal law necessary? and what to do about Junk Science.
At ACSH we shout a lot. Sometimes even at each other. But most of the time it takes the form of shoutouts to like-minded writers and websites (and there aren t
At the ongoing American College of Cardiology meeting, which is being held in Washington a place where the truth is generally in short supply there was an interesting talk which did the location justice. The result: Anyone who takes headlines seriously will be afraid to even look at a bottle of diet soda, let alone drink from one.
A good part of the blame for the appalling lack of scientific knowledge in this country falls squarely on the press. This is something we deal with constantly at ACSH: Headlines that not only don t match the content of the subsequent article, but often contradict it.
As a group that deals with medical misinformation virtually every day, we at ACSH (falsely) believed that we were inured from the worst scientific and medical garbage out there. We are sorry to say that even we miscalculated the capacity of the American public to fall victim to the most idiotic conspiracy theories.
Here we go again. Mixing science with politics. We all know how well that works. Yet, Paul Joseph Watson, writing on Infowars.com manages to do just this with a side order of chemical scares tossed in, and the result is predicable a big mess.
If you follow BPA (bisphenol-A) on your Google news alert, no one would blame you for being surprised that you actually woke up the next morning. BPA, which is reacted with another chemical to form ubiquitous polycarbonate plastics, and also used as is on cash register receipts, may be the most studied substance ever, which is especially ironic, since no one has ever found any evidence of an adverse effect on human health.