Lyme disease

The idea that Lyme disease is due to bioweapons research gone wrong is easily disproven. Our legislators could better spend their time fighting for efforts to prevent disease, instead of investigating a far-fetched story that’s based on misinterpretation and innuendo.
Rarely does Lyme Disease manifest itself as a neuro-invasive condition known, in shorthand, as Bannwarth Syndrome. It's a complicated version of Lyme, and when a cluster of five cases surfaced late last summer, all in the upper midwest, a few red flags were raised.  
New research, published in Science Translational Medicine, may lead to a new test that takes the guessing game out of diagnosing Lyme disease. Even better, it could distinguish Lyme disease from other tick-borne illnesses that share many of the same symptoms. 
Sometimes the CDC really gets it right, and let's give 'em credit! That's certainly true in the case of "chronic" Lyme disease. The agency explains that the symptoms some people suffer after successful Lyme treatment may be due to other tick-borne disease. But the chronic administration of antibiotics isn't necessary to treat a non-existent illness.
Watch our video for tips on how to avoid becoming a tick's next meal
And the beat goes on: Chronic Lyme Disease quacks and scammers exploit minimal knowledge and maximal greed to treat ingenuous patients indefinitely for a condition they do not have, and likely does not exist.
The number of cases has skyrocketed to nearly 300,000 recently; the disease is 10 times more common than previously thought
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