medical practice

There have now been scores of cases seeking to compel a hospital to prescribe Ivermectin for COVID-19 patients. Most have been decided in favor of the ill patient. To be sure, these cases are usually heard on an emergency, ex parte basis, meaning without an opportunity for the hospital or doctor to sound in. Generally, the judicial opinion reeks of bald sentiment and judicial activism– the benevolent wish to give the dying patient a “last chance.” Reliance on good old-fashioned “law” is absent.
Our culture likes lists. Websites and media entities recognize people click on them often. The problem is that they routinely skew reality, rather than reveal it.
Another study, this time with female patients experiencing heart attacks, suggests female physicians have better survival outcomes than their male peers. What does this mean for pay inequity? 
If health care fixes continue to undermine the doctor-patient relationship, financial costs won't be the only price paid.
ACSH's Director of Medicine Dr. Jamie Wells interviewed by legendary anchor Rolland Smith and broadcasting veteran Carl Sabatino about the state of medical practice today.