A new report on the plight of practicing physicians reflects a broken system. Nearly half of physicians plan to change careers, so maybe it's finally time to include them in the discussion on healthcare fixes.
It's time to recognize and champion the invaluable, grueling work of neonatal nurses.
A male physician disparages female doctors. Things don't go well for him. However, we now can have an honest discussion about the issue.
First fallacy: the mere existence of an opioid pill is why there is a crisis. Finding solutions requires proper identification of a problem. The time is now for the public narrative to follow suit.
With drones, discovery in science and medicine makes the sky – and now the sea – the limit.
With the proposed consumer privacy initiative in California a reaction to internet data abuse, it's time, long overdue, to discuss the murky territory once-presumed-protected health information has entered.
In our postmodern society – where truth is relative, "fake news" is prevalent, and scientific facts are just an opinion – it shouldn't come as a surprise that modern medicine is facing a backlash.
There is an interaction between measuring and what is measured. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle is true for medicine and helps explain some confusing and changing health information. 
When words like "world-renowned" are used in the medical realm (especially by people selling something, like an unnecessary product or procedure), beware. And then prepare yourself with a healthy dose of skepticism.
It is time to call out academia's fascination with Karl Marx for what it really is: a pernicious form of historical revisionism that is nearly identical to Holocaust denial.
For the best in hospitality services stick to The Four Seasons, not hospitals.
What's the best state in which to practice medicine? Though a recent study does little to answer the question given the metrics chosen, the result provides a starting point to help guide your thinking on this subject.