The global mortality rate from air pollution is estimated to be 8.8 million people per year. That's 18% higher than the 7.2 million lost annually from tobacco. Do you believe it? There is room for doubt. Let's take a look.
We now have another global study from The Lancet showing the effect of diet on global health. Spoiler Alert: Salt is still bad, but diets high in red meat have the least effect. But the real purpose of the study is to set the table, as it were, for a change in policy. If the cost of drugs is too high, not to worry. Food is the new medicine.
With some fanfare, The Lancet announced it will hold governments accountable for promises they have made to the World Health Organization about reducing non-communicable diseases. But the reporting makes it seem a bigger crisis than it is. We're afraid that these commitments are, as Mary Poppins said, pie crust promises. Easily made, easily broken.