Paxlovid rebound

Some doctors are alarmed by the blase attitude toward the Covid drug Paxlovid, quite different from when the drug first became available. What's going on? Some of the waning interest in the drug is because of the widespread use of the term "Paxlovid rebound," implying that there is something wrong with it. More likely, the problem is the term, not the drug.
Paxlovid, the “Tamiflu” of COVID-19, the oral medication shown to reduce hospitalizations, also is known for its “rebound” – a recurrence of COVID-19 a few days after completing the entire course of treatment. The New England Journal of Medicine reports on why – it’s the viral load.
What is being called "Paxlovid rebound" is not uncommon. In fact, President Biden experienced just this after a course of the drug. What should be done? Drs. Henry Miller and Josh Bloom discuss just this.