If you don't learn anything from this pharmacology lesson, at least remember this one thing: Call your doctor if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours. Seriously.
The Trump Administration believes that TV ads for pharmaceutical drugs should display the list price. This helps toward lowering the cost of healthcare. However, officials might want to consider banning direct-to-consumer advertising altogether.
With medication errors outside of health facilities on the rise, learn more here about the unique challenges to proper medication use and where prevention strategies need to be directed.
It's relatively easy to accidentally overdose on acetaminophen. The compound is found in headache and cold medicine. When people get sick, they often take a combination of over-the-counter drugs to relieve symptoms. But there may be an option.
What explains such a rapid rise in price for a drug that has been off-patent for years?
Unlike draping yourself in velvet, which is not socially acceptable, silk remains perfectly fashionable. In fact, it is all the rage at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tufts University, where a research group led by David Kaplan is literally wrapping silk around everything it can get its hands on.
Counterfeit drugs are readily available online. Indeed, a nonprofit group has found that 94 percent of drugs bought over the web were fake, substandard or toxic. So do yourself a favor: Don't buy drugs online, period.
At ACSH, we are always on the lookout for bad headlines. Thanks to CBS News, we have a real beauty. It s so bad that, despite the fact there are more than 10 months left in the year, this one will come out on top (bottom?). It s that bad.
Dr. Josh Bloom and Dr. Henry I. Miller in, January 14, 2015 The development of pharmaceuticals is among the riskiest of businesses. It now takes 10-15 years for a pharmaceutical company to get a new drug approved, and on average the cost exceeds $2.5 billion. To establish its safety and effectiveness, a candidate drug or vaccine undergoes a lengthy process of laboratory,...[Read more].
While it s good to see that The New York Times is taking note of the crisis of antibiotic resistance, it is unfortunate that they could not be
If there s anything that strikes fear into the hearts of new mothers, it is the thought of harming their newborns by taking a medication that might get into their breast milk and affect their babies. But a new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which was published online in the August 26th journal Pediatrics should put many new moms at ease.