The New York Times recently delved into a societal debate concerning the terminology used to describe unintentional deaths caused by drugs, particularly opioids. This discourse revolves around the distinction between labeling such deaths as overdoses versus poisonings, a seemingly subtle yet significant choice that carries implications for policy and perception.
With the opioid epidemic occupying center stage in media and political arenas, what's gone largely overlooked is that pediatric opioid-related hospitalizations, warranting the highest level of intensive care unit admission, doubled between 2004 and 2015.
Laundry detergent pods went on the market in 2010. They are now manufactured by at least 10 brands including Tide Pods and All Mighty Pacs, and consumers have quickly embraced this new, easy way to do
More fearmongering hype about e-cigarettes: Minnesota Dept. of Health trumpets alarming increase in children s poisoning from e-cigarettes. Let s look at the data: nothing actually happened, but let s be very afraid anyway.