Join Cameron English and Dr. Chuck Dinerstein on Episode 72 of the Science Dispatch podcast as they explore the potential threat of microplastics:

Join host Cameron English as he sits down Dr. Chuck Dinerstein to break down these stories on episode 32 of the Science Dispatch podcast:

There is no shortage of bad news in media headlines.

Struggling to lose weight? Exposure to air pollution might be partially to blame. That's what recent headlines would have you believe, anyway.

As Halloween approaches, are you thinking about how you can make “socially conscious” candy choices?

Over the weekend, I took my family to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. My wife and I loved going as kids, and now that we have a young son, we were eager to watch him experience it for the first time.

Join ACSH contributor Dr. Jane Caldwell and director of bio-sciences Cameron English as they examine recent claims that artificial sweeteners may pose a pollution risk.

Do you use plastic bags? Do you drink from plastic straws?

Every so often, the media likes to warn us that we're all dying from air pollution.

A new economic claim from the American Lung Association of California regarding Zero Emission Vehicles and their potential health b