Podcast: Artificial Sweeteners Polluting the Environment?

Is widespread use of artificial sweeteners polluting the environment? If so, what do we do about it? Join us on the latest episode of the Science Dispatch podcast as we take a critical look at the evidence.

Join ACSH contributor Dr. Jane Caldwell and director of bio-sciences Cameron English as they examine recent claims that artificial sweeteners may pose a pollution risk. Is this a looming problem, and how might we address it if it is? As Caldwell noted in Artificial Sweeteners in My Brew?

While all [artificial sweeteners] are generally recognized as safe for human consumption by the FDA when used in approved concentrations in foods and drugs, they may negatively affect the survival of at-risk or fragile species such as invertebrates and amphibians.

Scientists are proactively studying certain bacteria that can live and grow using AS as their food.  These particular bacteria could potentially be used as bio-remediators to break down and eliminate AS.  

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