Through modern science, the grim discovery of a Medieval woman's remains is able to tell the tale of a "coffin birth" and ancient brain surgery.
Pregnancy comes with so many symptoms. Some are completely normal; others can be alarming. And some can be both. How can you tell when to call the doc? 
Statins, those drugs widely used to lower blood cholesterol levels may have an added benefit for pregnant women. In a small study, researchers have found that women with an increased risk of preeclampsia, and their babies, can benefit from timely treatment with statins.
A new study offers hope for finding a better treatment for preeclampsia, a condition that claims 100 mothers everyday worldwide.
A new advisory from a Federal panel finds strong evidence that low-dose aspirin reduces the risk of preeclampsia in women at risk of this worrisome pregnancy-related condition. Of course, this recommendation should be individualized for patients.
Another reason to make sure to get your HPV vaccine! I mean, besides preventing many cancer, there seems to be a link between HPV and the dreaded pregnancy complication, preeclampsia.
A special joint panel of the Stroke and Heart Associations issued gender-focused guidelines on reducing the toll of strokes among women. In their vast literature review, surprising focus is on younger women.
Preeclampsia a medical condition affecting pregnant women categorized by high blood pressure and elevated levels of protein in the urine affects two to eight percent of all pregnancies. The condition has been associated