We at ACSH have warned repeatedly about the nightmarish scenario that continues to unfold as more and more bacteria become resistant to previously-effective antibiotics, bringing us to the precipice of the pre-penicillin era where common infections such as strep throat and pneumonia were killers.
It may sounds counterintuitive, but a study just published online by JAMA concludes that the use of gloves and gowns by health care workers in intensive care units (ICU)
We at ACSH have written frequently about an unmitigated disaster that has already begun the progressive failure of available antibiotics to tackle previously treatable bacterial infections. Yesterday the CDC issued a report about this, and it was more of the same.
Today s Wall Street Journal features a very informative article entitled Antibiotics Do s and Don ts. The article lists infections for which use of antibiotics is warranted and a longer list of those for which it is not.
You don't need a perfect stroke to get a lot out of swimming and feel good. The wonderful thing about swimming is that it offers enormous benefits to people regardless of their strength, abilities or disabilities. Second in popularity only to walking, look in any local pool and you'll see pregnant women, cardiac patients, physical fitness buffs, people with muscular dystrophy and streamlined senior citizens. Buoyancy and Resistance