Should politicians make major, society-altering decisions based on polls? Framed that way, most people would probably answer "no." A politician's job is to be a leader, and sticking one's finger in the wind is not anyone's idea of leadership.

For those Americans who become infected with the novel coronavirus, symptoms include loss of smell, coughing, and high fever. For everyone else, the chief symptom is stupidity.

Stat News just broke a story that has been picked up by the wider press and has generated quite a bit of

It is rare to find a mention of Giliead's remdesivir, arguably the most promising drug in the fight against coronavirus, without also hearing that it failed miserably in fighting Ebola.

UV light is a powerful disinfectant because its high-energy photons are able to damage the genetic material inside of microbes. (The genetic material for most microbes is DNA.

When the novel coronavirus, now known as SARS-CoV-2, emerged from China, conspiracy theorists -- including a promine