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One of these beliefs is not like the other: The moon landing was faked. 9/11 was an inside job. Vaccines cause autism.
I recently testified to the USDA about food labels for products made using animal cell culture techniques. The testimony is below.
There is a stinking, pathetic double standard at the heart of scientific publishing, as well as science communication in general:
If somebody invented a device that could save the lives of millions of smokers, should society encourage its use?
Do you use plastic bags? Do you drink from plastic straws?
A hot rock massage and herbal tea might make you feel nice, but they don't actually cure anything. Pointing that out in China, however, might land a person in jail.
It's repeated so often, that it's become conventional wisdom.
Remember the Occupy movement? It began in 2011 and fizzled out a few years later. Why?
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