sleep deprivation

The World Marathon Challenge of 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days is about to get underway. Are such extreme endurance sports healthy? Worth the risks?
We applaud the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety for its recent report highlighting the dangers of sleep-deprived driving. However, when one sees how the sleep data was gathered, uncertainty about its accuracy – as well as the study's corresponding conclusions on crash rates – creates some doubt.
Last Monday marked the first debate of of three Clinton-Trump debates. Though no fits of any kind -- coughing or otherwise -- were thrown, the two presidential candidates did throw many jabs, as expected. But when Trump said her Democratic rival "doesn't have the stamina," it eventually led us to this question: Who does have the stamina?
New sleeping recommendations have been released, and just in time to confirm what millions of Americans already knew: We are so sleep deprived. Yawn.