A new article in the journal Clinical Toxicology reports on prohibited stimulants, found in significant amounts, in several sports and weight-loss supplements. Don’t let the long (and maybe scary) title of the research fool you. It presents sound science and deserves a broader audience than just toxicologists.
As if the situation in the Middle East weren't a big enough mess, it was recently reported that ISIS members and other charming individuals are taking a bizarre drug that makes them more aggressive and reckless, and allows them to stay away for days so they can fight more. And, one of its components treats ADHD, so perhaps they can better focus on bomb making. Anyone see a problem here?
No, this is not from satirical magazine. But there are some doctors recommending that stimulant drugs should be used by some who are too lazy to exercise. That's right take a pill that will make you less lazy, so that you might go to the gym. But, what happens if you are too lazy to pick up the pills?
It is difficult to ignore a new report released Wednesday by a St. Louis based prescription drug manager, Express Scripts. The data highlights a glaring reality: a near doubling in attention deficit