type 2 diabetes

Does having diabetes make you older?
It would be so delightful, even life-affirming, to get Novo Nordisk's execrable O-O-O-Ozempic TV ad off the air, or even reduce its malevolent presence. While there is no shortage of cringe-worthy TV ads (am I the only one
Two new studies, one surgical, the other medical come to similar conclusions - significant weight loss alters the course of Type 2 diabetes. 
Quick quiz, what side-effects, if any, concern you about the use of statins, those medications designed to lower our cholesterol?  Most people would mention the most common side effect, muscle aches or myalgia that occur in roughly 11% o
I was skeptical about the latest announcement by 23andMe surrounding the release of their new report describing to it subscribers their risk of Type 2 diabetes.
We've discussed the benefits of bariatric surgery (for different types, see here) for the obese with or without diabetes, and at this point it's been widely accepted that th
Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) used to be called "adult-onset" diabetes because it was typically seen in people aged 40 and up, as opposed to Type 1 which is frequently seen in younger folks — even children.
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