unintended consequences

“What do government cheese, a war on emus, and chicken cannibalism have in common?
For those who follow my articles, you will know I am concerned about how reputations can tarnish one’s accomplishments, especially for those where the moral ground has shifted – say the Founding Fathers.
There is good news. Globally, manmade GHGs are decreasing, perhaps not at the rate we might like to see, but dropping nonetheless. Now for some counterintuitive and bad news.
"I cut it twice and it's still too short" is an old carpenter's joke about persistence coupled with incompetence. It's a pretty good joke.
Quick quiz, what side-effects, if any, concern you about the use of statins, those medications designed to lower our cholesterol?  Most people would mention the most common side effect, muscle aches or myalgia that occur in roughly 11% o
Millennials don't have it easy, contrary to popular belief.
Every so often, the world debates whether or not it should exterminate the only known samples of smallpox. So far, we always have decided to keep them around, just in case we need them for research or vaccine development.
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