unintentional injury

Jimmy Carter is reportedly doing well, recovering from surgery for a broken hip sustained after the 94-year-old former president fell at his home. With falls among the top five leading causes of preventable death, context is paramount.
Penetrating traumas take on a unique trajectory. They can be erratic, asymmetrical and variable in depth and extent. So real estate in the body, and good fortune, matter most.
Of course, not all causes and manners of death are within our control. Nor should we be so preoccupied with them that we avoid living. But the National Safety Council's annual report proves to be an interesting read, given a 5.3% increase in preventable-injury-related deaths.
Surviving and thriving after penetrating traumas depends on two key factors.
Not unlike government or healthcare metrics, the focus on Sen. McCaskill's injury after she received the life-saving Heimlich maneuver is inherently flawed.
The tale of an eggplant's exit from the body. Always a fun experience! 
A new study details the call burden on U.S. Poison Control Centers of both unintentional and intentional exposures to medications used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Just substitute the substance and read why it's the same story, just a different day.
H.R. McMaster Sr. was a resident of a senior living facility in Philadelphia that provides a host of supportive services. Reportedly, while receiving care there he suffered a stroke. An investigation is now underway into the death of the father of the former National Security Advisor.
Let's take a look at creepy crawlers, like leeches and fish, and how they wreak havoc when accidentally inhaled. Wait, what? Yes, inhaled.
Here's a case of a 13-year-old boy who pierced his skull with a 6-inch screw after an accidental fall. With unintentional injury the fourth-leading cause of death, here's how best to avoid a negative outcome.
In search of a topic that is both health-related and apolitical, we felt that maybe focusing on intentional, unintentional injury could be informative and distracting. Whether recently elated, neutral or forlorn, you'll likely step away from this piece with knowledge of what not to do. Let’s examine further what it means to be human.
An uptick in catastrophes involving fingers and hands occurs every year as our digits navigate the treacherous time between Halloween and Christmas. Who knew pumpkin carving and opening gifts could be such a minefield? Here's what you need to know.