vision loss

Have you ever heard someone (OK, your mom) say, "Don't sit too close to the TV, you'll hurt your eyes!" or "Don't read in the dark, you'll strain your eyes!" and "Eating carrots will improve your vision!" Are any of these true?
Open angle glaucoma (OAG), one of the leading causes of blindness, affects about 45 million individuals worldwide - about three million in the US - with that number projected to increase to 53 million by 2020. It is most commonly treated using prostaglandin analogue drops, which can lower the increased pressure in the eye,
Scientists have been conducting studies using human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) in the hopes of treating diseases such as Alzheimer s disease, paralysis and diabetes. The appeal of these cells is that they are able to transform into any kind of cell found in the body. Two recent studies have been exploring the use of stem cells