Should transgender individuals play sports according to their biological gender or the gender with which they identify? That's a devilishly difficult question.
It's hardly a secret that men (in a Western culture, at least) find women with long legs attractive. That's one reason why female models are usually wearing high heels.
The other night, I had dinner with one of my best childhood friends who became an OB/GYN. She has three amazing children and was pregnant with her fourth. Trigger warning: She ordered a glass of wine. And drank it.
Watching an autopsy has a way of changing one's view on death. Every single one of us – rich, poor, white, black, male, female, religious, atheist – will one day be on a cold metallic cart with a tag on our toe.
By Stephanie Bucklin, Live Science Contributor Men still aren't living as long as women — and that holds true for humans' primate cousins as well, a new study shows.
Welcome to the continuation of our series discussing the science behind director Kathleen Gyllenhaal's latest documentary,
courtesy American Heart Assctn.
If you asked a representative sampling of American women whic
Atrial fibrillation (an irregular and often rapid heart rate resulting in poor blood flow) is the
Depression has often been associated with symptoms such as sadness, apathy and anxiety.
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