Padres and Seatbelts

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Very early this morning, San Diego Padres outfielder Mike Darr, age twenty-five, was killed when the vehicle he was riding in rolled over on an interstate highway in Arizona. Another man in the vehicle, twenty-three year-old Duane Johnson, of Reno, Nevada, was also killed in the accident.

It appears Darr was the driver of the vehicle and that the accident was alcohol-related. Darr and Johnson were not wearing seat belts and were ejected and killed. Another passenger in the back seat was wearing a seat belt and was not seriously injured.

Yet another example of how seatbelts save lives and, apparently, in this case, how drinking and driving is a deadly combination.

Kudos to the media reporting on the Internet, radio, and television which emphasized that the two men who died did not use life-saving seatbelts, while the one who survived did. And kudos for noting the apparent role of alcohol in this unfortunate accident.