Scary Poetry...Arbitrary Beverage Bans...Odd Expiration Label

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Dunkin' Donuts we'll despise:
"Cancer! Cancer!" Hileman cries...
Deep inside a cave we'll hide,
Banishing acrylamide;
Agencies we'll have to watch:
Next they'll tell more scotch!

from a letter to the editor in Chemical and Engineering News by John A. Church of Princeton Junction, NJ, in response to an article by Bette Hileman on acrylamide in food

"...campuses will have until January 2004 to replace carbonated sugary beverages with water, juice, milk, or sports drinks during school hours."

a typical news report about Los Angeles schools' ban on soda vending machines, intended to combat obesity. How exciting to learn that orange juice, contrary to the claims of science, isn't sugary or fattening! And will they allow diet soda?

Expiration date: Approx. 3 years from date of purchase.

the baffling label on the dietary supplement Homocysteine Shield from BioChem, Country Life