New Nukes

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Venture capitalist Bob Metcalfe has an op-ed in today s Wall Street Journal that champions the use of modern nuclear energy as a means to alleviate the economic and environmental strain of fossil fuels: [I]f it s cheap and clean energy we want, we should clear the way for fission energy start-ups. We should lower the barriers at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the approval of new nuclear reactors, especially the new small ones.

ACSH staffers are relieved to see such a valuable yet disregarded energy alternative discussed practically. A lot of people are afraid of nuclear power for reasons that we don t find realistic, says ACSH s Dr. Ruth Kava. For some reason they re concerned about the leakage of radiation. We need to remind everyone that the Three Mile Island scare basically brought development to a halt for no reason, since there was no serious leakage, and that no one was hurt.

For more information, see ACSH s publication on Nuclear Energy and Health.