Clarification To Yesterday s Dispatch

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ACSH staffers re-learned a valuable lesson in news reporting yesterday: the media isn t always right. Based on inaccurate news reports, in yesterday s Dispatch we stated that Oregon has banned all electronic cigarettes. Thanks to ACSH friend Bill Godshall (and co-author of our publication on tobacco harm reduction), we re able to bring you the right information:

ACSH Dispatch inaccurately stated that Oregon is banning the sale of e-cigarettes in the state (which was also inaccurately stated in various news stories).

To my knowledge, the Oregon Attorney General took action against only two e-cigarette companies (NJOY/Sottera and Smoking Everywhere, Inc), both of which have agreed to stop marketing e-cigarettes in Oregon. But there are at least 500 other e-cigarette companies that may or may not be selling in Oregon.