Brad Rodu counters prohibitionists attacks on smokeless tobacco

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Smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes are being recognized as safer, satisfying cigarette substitutes by increasing numbers of American smokers, writes ACSH advisor and professor of medicine at the University of Louisville Brad Rodu. Yet as Rodu also notes, Tobacco prohibitionists appear to be countering with a national misinformation campaign aimed at dissuading smokers from switching to smoke-free alternatives.

To address this disconnect, Rodu has written a letter to one of tobacco harm reduction s major detractors, explaining why switching from cigarettes to smokeless provides almost all of the health benefits of complete tobacco abstinence. He also wonders what the agenda is of those ostensibly acting to better public health, when they must know their advocacy will necessarily result in more people smoking cigarettes. Rodu s letter appears in its entirety on his blog, Tobacco Truth, where he writes regularly on the topic.