The future of smoking...IF power-hungry regulators allow it

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SeductiveVaporDr. Brad Rodu, one of the world's greatest experts on tobacco harm reduction, has published an overview of what might save millions of smokers this century. Writing in The Atlantic, his article, The Electronic Future of Cigarettes, ACSH advisor Rodu describes the likely benefits of smokers switching from inhaling the thousands of chemicals in cigarette smoke, which will eventually kill over half of them prematurely, to e-cigarettes.

Tobacco harm reduction entails abandoning the moral fundamentalism [nice!] of prohibiting addicted smokers from consuming nicotine in any form, or allowing ex-smokers to continue to enjoy nicotine in far safer forms. E-cigarettes would be one such, but governments and regulators in many areas are taking steps to ban or render the product ineffective by setting limits on the levels of nicotine allowed.

ACSH s Dr. Gilbert Ross summarizes this overview thusly: Dr. Rodu attacks, eloquently, the baseless, counterproductive and unscientific approach being taken by agenda-driven governments, a hangover from antipathy to anything that even looks like a cigarette (as most e-cigarettes do). Since the tried and true FDA-approved methods to help smokers quit fail over 80 percent of the time, adhering to this mantra will condemn perhaps one billion smokers to premature death in this century.

See our publication on this subject, based (of course) on an article by Dr. Rodu.