Irresponsible tactics as usual for a toxic breast cancer group

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a time for various breast cancer organizations and health professionals to remind women of routine mammography guidelines and to make sure that those who need it are screened. Yet instead of educating women, one particular group called Breast Cancer Action following their usual pattern has decided to needlessly scare them by alleging that a perfume produced by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation contains carcinogenic chemicals.

After having its own scientists and health professionals review every ingredient in the perfume, Komen denied the accusations that any of the chemicals in their Promise Me fragrance are linked to cancer. Despite this, however, the organization decided to reformulate the perfume without the ingredients in question. It s a decision that ACSH's Dr. Gilbert Ross says sends wrong message for everyone: Such a large, reputable breast cancer advocacy group should not be so easily intimidated by baseless allegations voiced by an alarmist, anti-chemical group that is only after more publicity.

In fact, last year Breast Cancer Action known for stooping to exploit women s fears of breast cancer made ACSH s list of toxic breast cancer organizations: those that dismiss science and needlessly scare women into believing that harmless chemicals cause cancer.