Espousing phony science? You better hope Hank Campbell doesn t find out

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ACSH friend (and the creator of the enormously popular Science 2.0 website) has the uncanny ability to sniff out bad (and hypocritical) science, and when he does, he is not shy about speaking his mind.

This time he goes after the radical environmental group Friends of the Earth, and by the time they read his piece they will not be Friends of Hank.

His message is about the selective use of science to support only the correct point of view, something this group is notorious for.

This should be rather obvious in his first line: Friends of the Earth, most famous for being against nuclear energy and every other bit of modern science and technology, now thinks most scientists are unethical unless they are hand-picked by Friends Of The Earth.

In this case he writes about the first-ever Congressional subcommittee hearing on pollinator health, which was held on April 29th and didn't overstate the impact of neonicotinoid pesticides on bees.

Here are a couple of select quotes from his piece:

[Corporations] are for sale, evil, unethical. But so are EPA scientists and academic scientists unless they agree with activists. The only scientists Friends Of The Earth wants to hear from are hand-picked 'independent' scientists who will say exactly what they want to say. In order words, Friends Of The Earth only wants to hear from exactly the kind of scientists they complain about.

American environmentalists love to invoke European politicians because they are the one group that hates science more than American environmentalists -but European scientists want Europe to be a lot more like America.

We suggest that you read his entire piece, which can be found here.