A new survey show slightly more than zero interest in e-cig flavors among nonsmoking teens

By ACSH Staff — Jan 09, 2015
A new study confirms that non-smokers adults and kids alike have almost no urge to vape on flavored e-liquids. Also, NYS Gov. Cuomo signed a bill protecting kids (and adults) from exposure to nicotine liquid.

Vaporium EventA report of a survey done by authors working with Pinney Associates, a consultation and sales group affiliated with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and funded by NJOY e-cig company, notes that when queried in a blinded fashion, non-smoking teens reported interest levels in any e-cigarette flavors on a scale of 1-10 of between zero and one. (Adult smokers had a slightly higher interest between 1 and 2; adult e-cigarette users had the greatest interest in e-cigarettes).

ACSH s Dr. Gil Ross added this, thanks to the relentless harm-reduction advocate, Bill Godshall: Interestingly, while Single Malt Scotch was the least desired e-cig flavoring by adult smokers (1.01), it was the most desired e-cig flavoring by nonsmoking teens (.52), and

was more desirable than Bubble Gum (.47), Cotton Candy (.49) and Gummy Bear (.44), three flavors e-cig opponents have repeatedly insisted appeal to youth.

On a related note, recently New York s Gov. Andrew Cuomo took some time to sign a bill requiring e-liquids containing nicotine to come in childproof packaging, while banning the sale of such liquids to minors. This is a measure which any responsible public health group can immediately agree with, and we here at ACSH do indeed applaud those who crafted the bill and the Governor for signing it.