FoxNews s Greg Gutfeld exposes corrupt CA anti-e-cig campaign

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Gutfled and VapeNews commentator, author, blogger and satirist Greg Gutfeld has been waging a lonely, almost quixotic war in the media against the forces of corruption and hypocrisy fueling the sleazy campaign against e-cig/vaping, especially the bizarre, expensive disinformation ad campaign in California.

Earlier this week, on the FoxNews show The Five, he ranted passionately in his exposé of the CA propaganda scaremongering ads, which cost the people of the state who-knows-how-many millions of dollars. And for what? The goal of the CA Dept. of Public Health seems to be to keep as many smokers smoking as possible by scaring them away from what appears to be an effective method to abet quitting: e-cigs and vapor products. Follow the money, he says, accusing the government of seeking to maintain their income on the backs of sick smokers in the guise of public health and protecting the children. He explained his fervency, when quizzed on it by a co-panelist, by referring to his own case: he asserted that he can now climb stairs at will, since vaping allowed him to quit smoking.

We have accumulated thousands 32 ½ thousand, to be precise of similar stories on the Facebook page HelpingAddictedSmokers, although the official dogma is that there is no evidence that vaping helps smokers quit more than the ineffective FDA-approved products. I applaud Greg Gutfeld for taking the high road on harm reduction for addicted smokers, as opposed to the rest of the media s parroting the official propaganda about hypothetical risks of e-cigs, effectively scaring desperate smokers away from trying them. After all, that seems to be the plan implemented by the CDC and all those NGOs scrambling at the trough for tax and big pharma money.