ACSH s Dr. Josh Bloom reviews Dr. Tom Stossel s Pharmaphobia

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Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 1.36.27 PMACSH s Director of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Josh Bloom, penned a glowing review of Pharmaphobia- How the Conflict of Interest Myth Undermines American Medical Innovation by Dr. Tom Stossel. Stossel is a hematologist at Boston s Brigham & Women s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, and a former ACSH Trustee. Pharmaphobia describes the process of drug discovery, and explodes the myths that surround it for example that government research is responsible for most drug development, and that supposed conflicts of interest mean that the process is corrupt. Stossel decries the overregulation that slows discovery and development. Bloom, who spent 25 years as a pharmaceutical researcher, says the book is right on point.