California really does care about public health!

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HPV vaccine one-shot now!Although it may seem that when California legislators and governors relate to public health they get it wrong (for example with Proposition 65), but sometimes they really do the right thing. As for example, with vaccinations. The California legislature has passed a law removing the option for parents to refuse vaccinating their kids for philosophical reasons if they want their children educated at public schools, or even private ones. There are some medical exceptions, such as children with damaged or inactive immune systems. But on the whole, the loophole for idiosyncratic reasons has been closed.

Best of all, Governor Jerry Brown has signed the bill, so now it s law.

Clearly the outbreak of measles in Disneyland in which some 150 people caught the disease, had a lot to do with the legislature finally seeing the light and even in the face of rancorous arguments from anti-vaxxers they did the right thing. One can only hope that other states will follow suit and pass laws that will really help protect public health.

ACSH s Dr. Ruth Kava, Senior Nutrition Fellow commented What a relief to see that California s legislature got the right message from the measles outbreak. This move to be sure that California s kids are protected from vaccine-preventable diseases shows a degree of scientific enlightenment that we can only wish were more widespread.