When the California legislature passed a bipartisan bill one month ago that would decriminalize possessing and
Roughly three weeks ago I sounded a hopeful note that California would be the second state to defy federal law and
California children 12 years and older may soon be allowed to get COVID-19 vaccines without their parents' consent if Senate Bill 866 (SB866
Throughout the pandemic, we've watched the media follow a predictable formula in their COVID-19 reporting.
Protests erupted at California's state capitol earlier this week in the wake of Governor Gavin Newsom's proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate for public school students.
“We don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing,” San Francisco Mayor London Breed
I've lived in California my whole life. It's a beautiful part of the world but a horribly run state. We have too little water, too many wildfires, and, as the last 18 months have demonstrated, executed an atrocious pandemic response.
California has a proposition on the state-wide ballot that will limit the revenues of dialysis centers to 115% of the cost for “direct patient care services” and “health care quality improvement costs.” [1] It has attracted national attention give
Like a broken clock that accidentally gets the time right, the State of California has finally stumbled upon the correct approach to coffee. Sort of.
When you cross the state line into California, your risk of cancer immediately quadruples. We know this because of all the warning signs.
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