There have been at least 10 outbreaks of measles across twenty states already this year, an alarming and dramatic surge.
I spoke with John Batchelor on-air recently about the important topic of the ongoing measles outbreak in the U.S.
# Reprinted with permission. Dr. Singer's original article can be found here.
The CDC has released a new report showing the world's progress (or lack thereof) in eradicating measles, the most contagious of all human infectious diseases.
Although an annual exam is probably not necessary if you're young and healthy, it's a good idea to go to the doctor every once in a while. As he's prodding about, he might find something rather unexpected.
"Things have not gotten as stupid as they are going to get." 
How many times have we heard in recent years that measles is no big deal? That it's just a harmless childhood disease (nicknamed "Mickey Mouse measles" following the Disneyland outbreak)?
The media hits keep coming. Here's where we appeared in recent days.
Anti-vaxxers insist that measles is just a harmless childhood infection. After the Disneyland outbreak, anti-vaxxers derided public health concerns by referring to it as "Mickey Mouse Measles." The facts indicate otherwise.
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