Ireland: We don t want high yield crops

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4-leaf-clover-1382594-mIn a way, science achieved a win in the battle over GMO crops in Europe.

However, since it's Europe the result ends up being more of the same for this increasingly anti-science continent.

The EU faces a vote on a proposal to loosen restrictions on growing GE crops and as the vote looms, countries like Ireland are trying to determine which way they'll vote.

That's where this "win" comes from. The Agricultural Committee in Ireland in a statement released yesterday has recognized the amazing impact that GMOs can have on crop yields; unfortunately it went downhill from there.

The committee's chairman, Andrew Doyle stated Increased yields of crops with the assistance of GMO materials could severely damage the indigenous grain industry in Ireland as such crops are generally much cheaper to produce.

Most sane people would argue increased yields and lower food prices are a good thing. Apparently, this committee wasn t filled with many of them as the committee s final report states the country will vote against the measure.

Dublin farm advisor, Dr. Richard Hackett, blasted the committee, saying "This is a completely anti-science stance that flies in the face of what the agri sector as a whole in Ireland wants. It's a completely retrograde step that is in the opposite direction that our nearest neighbours in Britain are going."

The American Council on Science and Health s Nicholas Staropoli added, It s good to see them acknowledge what we have been telling them for years: GE crops produce higher yields on less land. However, it s upsetting that despite knowing this they still reject GE crops. What this is really about is protecting their own business interests as Irish organic farming is a 150 million dollar industry there which will certainly take a major hit if it is forced to compete with the superior GE crops.