Activists Accuse Bariatric Surgeons of Endocrine Disruption

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Gastric bypass via shutterstock Gastric bypass via shutterstock

Dr. E.N. D’Ruptor was taken aback as he walked into his office the other day. Hundreds of demonstrators held up signs chanting, “No hormones, no way!”

Despite losing 130 pounds and being diabetes-free for almost a year, one of the picketers, Juana Berger, stated she had no idea that getting gastric bypass surgery would cause perturbations in her natural neuroendocrine regulation. Sobbing, she stated, “My body, my rights! Ain’t nobody gonna dysregulate my hormones and think that’s ok. Messin’ with nature like that, who does that?”

To this woman, we here at ACSH say that we understand. Having been shills for big agriculture ourselves and equally as guilty for having promoted products that caused people to grow a third eye, we see how this would be upsetting and regret the error of our former ways.

To Juana, we say that everyone has a right to know when someone interferes with your gut hormones. Though short of advocating for a reversal of the gastric bypass procedure (because they are considered too risky in nature and most surgeons’ refuse to place a patient in such a precarious position), we do feel every person deserves to know what is being put in and taken out of their bodies.

Ms. Juana Berger now regrets not having had lap band surgery instead, which could have been more easily reversed and rightfully, reinstituted her full complement of hormones.

When we reached out to Dr. D'Ruptor for comment, he only had this to offer, "SMDH."