'March Against Monsanto' Is Now an Anti-Vaccine, Conspiracy Movement

The international protest "March Against Monsanto" (MAM) was never based on truth. The movement perpetuated myths about GMOs to demonize a company that has a really bad PR department. But now that Bayer is buying out Monsanto, what is MAM to do? These angry activists must channel their rage somewhere. So, March Against Monsanto has decided to become hard-core anti-vaccine.

With over 1.2 million followers, the influential group's Facebook page is dangerously unhinged from reality, featuring posts promoting everything from anti-vaxxer propaganda to historical conspiracy theories. See this post, for example:

This is quite amazing; MAM manages to pack four lies into a single rhetorical question. First, there is no pediatric cancer epidemic. Second, vaccines do not cause cancer. Third, glyphosate does not cause cancer. And fourth, there is no glyphosate in vaccines. Unbelievably, MAM's posts get worse:

March Against Monsanto is so unethical, that it is willing to lie about a serious public health threat to advance its twisted political agenda. Zika, of course, is caused by a virus transmitted either by a mosquito bite or during sexual intercourse. And it is Zika, not "chemicals," causing microcephaly. Want more?

There are many different causes of pneumonia. Various kinds of bacteria, viruses, and fungi can cause a lung infection. If Mrs. Clinton really does have walking pneumonia, then she is likely infected with Mycoplasma pneumoniae. But, there is no vaccine against that.

If you thought your pets were safe from MAM, think again:

Apparently, in MAM's opinion, vaccinating dogs is worse than leaving them susceptible to diseases like rabies.

And, just for fun, MAM tosses in a conspiracy theory to whet your appetite, too. 

Perhaps MAM's newfound mission shouldn't come as a surprise. Research has shown that people who believe in conspiracy theories are willing to believe almost anything, including mutually exclusive conspiracies. If you ever gave MAM's positions any credence, let their most recent behavior serve as witness to the deeply unethical and socially subversive nature of their obscurantist ideology.