ACSH's Top 10 Articles of 2016

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Here at ACSH, we cover nearly every topic under the sun related to biomedicine, chemistry, health, epidemiology, and sports science.

We are sometimes surprised to learn which articles are most popular with our readers. This year, our work on herpes vaccines resonated across the globe. In fact, one of them was the most popular article we wrote all year! (Kudos to Dr. Josh Bloom.)

So, in case you missed them, here are the ten most popular articles we wrote in 2016 (yes, including two on herpes):

#1. A Vaccine For Herpes Erupts In The News

#2. Like Beef, Insects Are A Good Source Of Iron

#3. Suppressing Coughs At Tonight's Presidential Debate

#4. Safe, Edible Bottle Coating Empties Every Last Drop Of Honey, Syrup, Ketchup

#5. Burnt Bread Makes An Excellent Carbon Foam

#6. Chemists Were Wrong About Splenda

#7. 'Bed-Of-Nails' Surface Physically Rips Bacteria Apart

#8. Parasitism Evolved At Least 223 Times Among Animals

#9. Are Airport Bathrooms Spreading Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Globally?

#10. New, Promising Herpes Vaccine: Interview With Dr. William Halford

We look forward to providing you with more informative and engaging content in 2017!