ACSH in the Media: From Washington to Washington and Beyond!

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Summer is upon us. While you're firing up your grills, rest assured that the ACSH staff will remain diligently working so that you don't need to worry about IARC telling you that a single hot dog will give you cancer.

Here's where we appeared in recent days:

1) We keep getting love from the Washington Post. Not too long ago, Dr. Josh Bloom was interviewed by the Post for an article on how activists exploit public fear to make safe chemicals sound scary. That article was reprinted by other outlets, most recently by Pennsylvania's Pocono Record. The Washington Post also interviewed ACSH about the importance of being well-informed about health matters, especially when traveling.

2) Way across the country in the other Washington, ACSH was used as a source in an excellent infographic about autism in Spokane's Spokesman-Review. (Quite rightly, the newspaper was sure to dispel the myth of a link between vaccines and autism.)

3) Dr. Josh Bloom did a radio interview with Dale Cooper of WCHS Live Network. They discussed the publication of bad science, how fake information is disseminated, Andrew Wakefield, and the mentality of conspiracy theorists. The 25-minute interview can be heard here.

4) Two of Dr. Alex Berezow's articles were cited in media outlets across America. The first, which was cited by Mind Matters, involved the tragic story of a teenage girl who committed suicide after asking her online followers if she should live or die. The second, cited by Front Porch News of Hopkins County, Texas, was about how Panera Bread flat-out lies about the chemicals in its food.

5) ACSH also went international! The Deccan Herald of India cited Dr. Berezow's work on how superfoods are a pseudoscientific fad that appeal to our desire for quick, easy fixes. And South Africa's Independent Online cited our work on the conditions under which methane can be toxic.

6) Dr. Berezow continues to do his twice weekly radio segment, "Real Science with Dr. B," on Seattle's Kirby Wilbur Show. In his latest segment (begins 20:51), he discussed why so many people have died this year on Mount Everest.