ACSH in the Media: Trick-or-Treat Edition

By ACSH Staff — Oct 24, 2019
All the tricks pulled by anti-science activists should be permanently relegated to the make-believe haunted house. Meanwhile, ACSH is here to provide a pro-science treat. Here's where we appeared in recent days.
Credit: Don Scarborough/Wikipedia

Here's where we appeared in recent days.

(1) Dr. Josh Bloom and Dr. Alex Berezow both spoke on panels hosted by the American Cleaning Institute. As its name suggests, ACI is a trade organization representing the cleaning products industry. Both discussed how activists routinely engage in chemophobia and scaremongering to frighten people away from products that are safe when used properly.

(2) Dr. Berezow's article criticizing UCSF Professor Stanton Glantz for saying that tobacco users "would be better off just smoking" instead of vaping was cited by Dr. Eugene Gu in the UK's The Independent. Dr. Glantz has become an anti-vaping ideologue. That is unfortunate because, while e-cigarettes aren't completely safe and should only be used by smokers trying to quit, they can play a large role in improving public health. Dr. Gu wrote that "using deaths caused by black market vapes to scapegoat the entire e-cigarette industry is unethical."

(3) The entire ACSH editorial staff -- Dr. Bloom, Dr. Berezow, and Dr. Chuck Dinerstein -- was cited in The Center Square, a news outlet based in Michigan. Once again, the topic was vaping. Our editorial team warned against banning legal vaping products because they are not to blame for the respiratory diseases and deaths; black market vaping products are. Additionally, a ban may backfire by encouraging users to purchase more products from the black market.

(4) Dr. Berezow's article on starving cancer cells by depriving them of their favorite foods was cited by the Aspen Institute. The institute publishes an article called the "Five Best Ideas of the Day," and Dr. Berezow's article was cited in the October 10 edition.

(5) Dr. Bloom was cited in two more articles. In the first, published by the Pain News Network, Dr. Bloom was cited for his explanation of how vaping THC-infused oil can cause respiratory disease. In the second, published by Medium, he was cited for his explanation of why "morphine milligram equivalents" are flawed.

(6) ACSH's article on a baby boy born with two penises and four legs was cited by The Inquisitr.

(7) Dr. Berezow continues to do his twice weekly radio segment, "Real Science with Dr. B," on Seattle's Kirby Wilbur Show. In his latest segment (beginning at 23:03), he discussed the U.S. Navy's nuclear fusion patent and Scientific American's pseudoscientific article on 5G.

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