ACSH in the Media: Oh, the Places We Go!

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It's astounding how quickly the summer has flown by. For many of you, it was because you spent some of the season on vacation. But not for us at ACSH. Oh no. We were busy keeping the world safe from junk science. Here's a list of some our recent media appearances:

(1) We received a lot of love from the Genetic Literacy Project. The GLP is a website dedicated to informing the public about biotechnology and related issues. Over the past few weeks, the website has promoted four articles from ACSH, including EPA's decision to put the kibosh on California's "cancer warning label" for glyphosate, nutrition and safety information on the GMO "Impossible Burger", the genetics of free will, and our takedown of a truly awful anti-biotech screed published in Scientific American.

(2) Dr. Josh Bloom made his second appearance as a guest on Dale Cooper's talk radio show on the WCHS news network based in Charleston, WV. West Virginia is one of the states which has been hardest hit by opioid overdoses. They discussed how government policy has made a bad situation even worse.

(3) Erik Lief's article on heat-related deaths among college athletes was cited by The Dalles Chronicle of Oregon. From 2000 to 2018, 30 college football players died due to heat exhaustion. This is inexcusable, as these deaths are entirely preventable.

(4) Dr. Alex Berezow's article on the use of an arthritis drug to treat pancreatic cancer was reprinted by Technology Networks. In the most common type of pancreatic cancer, the abnormal cells contain highly fragmented mitochondria. Apparently, these may serve as a novel target to treat the disease.

(5) Dr. Berezow continues to do his twice weekly radio segment, "Real Science with Dr. B," on Seattle's Kirby Wilbur Show. In his latest segment (beginning at 20:08), he discussed myths about mass shootings.