ACSH in the Media: May 2020

By Erik Lief — Jun 05, 2020
From Washington DC to Washington's Puget Sound, from Chicago to North Carolina, Great Britain and even India, the American Council has been making its mark, bringing science-based reasoning to important conversations the world over. While COVID-19 has dominated the healthcare headlines, our experts weighed in on that essential subject as well as several others.

Here's a rundown of just some of the media appearances we've made over the last month or so:

A Strong Parallel Between Health Care And Housing For “All” –– Our Dr. Alex Berezow was the subject of an article in Forbes, that used as a springboard a recent story he wrote about universal health care in Poland, where the microbiologist remains with his family due to U.S. travel restrictions necessitated by the coronavirus.

Actually, Christians Do Value Time on Earth. That's Precisely Why We Want Normal Life Back –– An article of ours was linked to a Newsweek piece referring to Dr. Steven Pinker, who recently came under fire after saying that belief in an afterlife, particularly by evangelicals, is a "malignant delusion."

In a YouTube video called Are Men and Women the Same? produced by Mythburn, Dr. Berezow discusses what makes us who we are as men or women.

In an article titled COVID-19: Atheism Went Viral as Well on the website Mind Matters News, the article quotes from Dr. Berezow's recent piece criticizing Dr. Pinker.

Seattle Public Schools Have Taken a Left Turn –– ACSH President Thom Golab and Dr. Berezow teamed up to write an Op-Ed that ran in the Puget Sound Business Journal. They contend that instead of that city's school system beginning the work to improve academic performance among all racial groups, it is meekly accepting the easier and worse course to eliminate a program for talented students altogether. 

In a podcast titled Scientist Alex Berezow on a potential second wave of Coronavirus, Dr. Berezow spoke with media personality Michael Medved. (Accessing this conversation, and another held May 12, requires a subscription.)

Kirby Wilbur Radio Show –– Dr. Berezow appeared on Kirby Nation twice in the second half of the month. On May 19 the topic on the Seattle-based talk show was COVID-19, as it was again on May 26

Did North Carolina Collect Enough COVID-19 Data From Phase 1 to Justify Move to Phase 2? –– A May 15 article by Dr. Chuck Dinerstein, ACSH's Director of Medicine, titled COVID's Leading And Lagging Indicators, was cited by The website of the local TV affiliate in the Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville area was examining whether the state was moving towards reopening in a safe manner.

Regulation Too Often Shackles the Hands of Innovators –– Church and State, a British website whose self-described mission is "challenging religious privilege in public life," reprinted an opinion essay by Dr. Berezow that originally appeared in LeapsMag.

On May 20, Dr. Berezow did an interview with Chicago radio station AM560 The Answer on what a second wave of COVID-19 cases could look like.

Is Hand Sanitizer Effective After Its Expiration Date? –– Dr. Berezow was quoted in Snopes on the effectiveness of using the gel, even if the alcohol-based sanitizer has passed its expiration date. “Some alcohol," he said, "is better than nothing.” On the same topic, he was also mentioned on The Q&A with Bruce Johnson, a talk show carried on CBS affiliate, WUSA-DC.

On May 14, Remdesivir Is IV-Only. Here Are Some Ways to Fix That., an article on a potential drug to combat coronavirus by our Dr. Josh Bloom, and Applying Influenza Pandemic Lessons to COVID-19, a piece by Dr. Berezow, were both re-posted on Real Clear Science. An earlier article on Remdesivir by Dr. Bloom, ACSH's Director of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science, was cited in a medical news roundup in Health News Digest.

Don’t Bet on Vitamin D to Fight Coronavirus, Researchers Warn –– This was the headline of a May 9th article in the Washington Examiner, which quoted nutritionist Angela Dowden, who shares her expertise with us when writing for The article focused on the effectiveness and availability of vitamin D.

DEET is Relatively Harmless, Contrary to Popular Belief –– N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, a chemical in most bug repellents more commonly known as DEET, is safe to use when applied properly, reports Business Insider India. But before the reader gets to the lead paragraph of this story, credit is prominently given to Dr. Bloom, who "scientifically reviewed" the article. 

Immunomodulatory and Antioxidant Properties of Wheat Gluten Protein Hydrolysates in Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells –– In this new research paper published in the open-access journal MDPI, Nutrients 2020 the authors cited a 2002 position paper (reference #14) written by former ACSH expert Clare Hasler.

In addition, Hasler's same paper was cited (reference #1) in a newly-published article in the open-access journal MDPI, Polymers 2020 titled Formulation and Characterization of Gelatin-Based Hydrogels for the Encapsulation of Kluyveromyces lactis—Applications in Packed-Bed Reactors and Probiotics Delivery in Humans.

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