ACSH in the Media: Nov. 2020

By Erik Lief — Dec 11, 2020
Of course, reports on the game-changing COVID-19 vaccines have been dominating the news, and the American Council has been busy responding to requests from media outlets across the country. In addition to providing interviews for print publications and radio talk-show hosts, our work and expertise has been featured in Op-Ed columns, as well as excerpted for science-based articles all over the web. Here are some of the places we've appeared in the month of November.
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National Review's Capital Matters –– Late in November, a portion of an article written by Dr. Alex Berezow, our VP of Scientific Communications, offering whether the COVID era will lead to the end of the GMO movement, was excerpted in NR's Around the Web section. Here's some of it, and if you'd like to read the entire reference to ACSH, it is here:

Americans love to hate Big Business, particularly Big Pharma and Big Ag. But when we need them to rescue us, we run to them for help. They usually deliver. Let’s hope the new vaccines are so successful that they are able to end not only the coronavirus but anti-GMO ideology, as well — in other words, wiping out two viruses at once.

Vaccines Are Close, But We'll Still Need Antiviral Drugs –– Dr. Josh Bloom, ACSH's Director of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science, along with recurring co-author Dr. Katherine Seley-Radtke, wrote this Op-Ed that appeared in the Duluth (Minn) News Tribune on Nov. 17. It's just the latest opinion piece for this sought-after writing duo. 

Health Expert: Distorted Picture of COVID in US –– It appears that the New York Post keeps an eye on what ACSH publishes, and occasionally shares it with its readers. On Nov. 8 the paper cited a portion of (and linked to) an article written by Dr. Berezow about how the U.S. is faring with the pandemic, relative to other countries.

How to Avoid Germs When Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping ––If Reader's Digest is part of your reading list, you'll find us there, too. Dr. Berezow's hand-sanitizing advice was highlighted in a Nov. 20th article. 

Later in the month, ACSH was heard making (radio) waves on Chicago's Morning Answer on AM560 WIND.  On Nov. 24th Dr. Berezow discussed his COVID / Anti-GMO article on The Dan Proft Show.

What Comes Next When the COVID-19 Vaccines are Ready? –– With the vaccines weeks away from reaching needy Americans, the Washington Examiner reached out to the American Council for expert commentary, which it printed in this article on Nov. 19.

Kirby Wilbur Radio Show –– On Nov. 19 and Nov. 24, Dr. Berezow appeared on the Seattle-based talk show Kirby Nation on KVI, discussing two topics: Washington State's COVID-related restrictions (starting at 26:40); and the development of three, effective coronavirus vaccines (starting at 25:00), respectively.

What is a Vaccine? Why Vaccines are Important and How Long They Last –– An article on the basics of vaccinations, published on the website of Business Insider India, was reviewed and approved by ACSH. 

Colloidal Silver is Not Safe to Consume or Apply to Your Skin –– A Nov. 7th article on Business Insider India on this topic also received ACSH's review and approval prior to publication.