Podcast: Could 'Woke' Policies Harm Public Health? FDA's Silly 'Healthy' Food Labels

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Social justice advocates continue to demand that professions like medicine become more "diverse." Critics contend this development could bring unqualified physicians into the profession and jeopardize public health. Should we be worried? The FDA wants to label certain foods in the grocery store "healthy." It's an awful idea.

Join host Cameron English as he sits down with Dr. Chuck Dinerstein to break down these stories on Episode 38 of the Science Dispatch podcast:

In the name of "social justice, "unqualified candidates are being admitted into professions as diverse and important as medicine and law. This policy may satisfy demands to make these fields more diverse and equitable, but it also puts public health and our broader society at risk in a variety of ways.

“Claims like 'healthy' on food labels can provide information to consumers to help them identify healthier food choices at a glance. Foods must meet specific nutrient-related criteria to use the nutrient content claim 'healthy.'” So begins the FDA’s quest to label what is healthy and what is not. Good luck with that fool’s errand.

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