Susan Goldhaber – My Favorite Things in 2023

Over the last 12 months, I continued with my preoccupation over EPA’s misrepresentation of the science in its treatment of PFAS, the “Forever Chemicals.” But Fluoride and Dutch Innovation also caught my fancy.

Two connected articles make my favorite list: In the first, I explained how EPA allowed its regulatory agenda to overrule the science in proposing drinking water regulations for PFAS,

EPA Scientifically-Challenged PFAS Numbers

In the second, I learned a great deal about what is happening in Europe with PFAS and had the privilege of interviewing the distinguished scientist Tommaso Dragani.   

Insights into the European Approach to PFAS

When I began working at EPA in 1980, one of my first projects was on fluoride in drinking water, where I quickly became involved in the crazy controversies surrounding this chemical. I never dreamed that 43 years later, these controversies and new ones would rage on.

The Fluoride Controversy Never Dies

A trip to the Netherlands in the summer taught me about Dutch ingenuity in water technology, with visits to their amazing water projects. This trip inspired me to write this article. I was totally amazed by their innovations in food production, such as the Floating Farm Rotterdam.        

Innovation Abounds: Floating Cows and Vertical Farms