Censoring Science: ACSH Tackles COVID, Free Speech on 'The Vance Crowe Podcast'

By Cameron English — Mar 06, 2024
Censorship in science, GMOs, opioids and the health effects of porn use. Come listen to my wide-ranging discussion with podcaster Vance Crowe.
Image by GDJ via Pixabay

During the COVID pandemic, federal officials pressured social media platforms to censor information they deemed a threat to public health. It was later revealed that many of the posts that were throttled or taken down actually contained true information, as I outlined here: COVID Censorship: Yes, Biden Admin. Suppressed Free Speech During Pandemic.

Earlier this week, I sat down with podcaster Vance Crowe to discuss the fallout from the government's efforts to restrict misinformation on social media, especially their effects on the public's trust in science. We also examined the evolving debate over the safety of GM crops and pesticides, opioid regulation and the growing body of research on the health effects of porn use.

Check out the episode on YouTube below or find it on your favorite podcast app here.