Other Science News

1. Large Canadian Arctic global warming study canceled due to too much ice. 

We can no longer refer to the spread of cholera in Yemen as an outbreak. That word is not nearly strong enough.

“The dance of accommodation” – the back and forth between diagnosis and therapy, one building on the other, intwined, Ginger and Fred.

I am about to evoke a huge sigh of relief from the entire science journalism community: Alan Alda, the man who can interview E.O.

The World Science Festival (WSF) took place in NYC last weekend and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a few of the events.

“There is a curiosity in everyone who comes here. It’s a continent of travels, of seekers, united in the continuation of exploration, learning, the search for greater understanding, the pursuit of pure knowledge.”

In my recent wandering of the net, I came across a thought piece entitled, A Theory of Reality as More than the sum of its parts.&nbs

Bike riding, either for pleasure or as a way to commute to and from work, continues to reach new heights in popularity.

Surgery causes pain and discomfort despite our efforts to reduce its invasiveness.

For the one percent of the population with celiac disease (an estimated 3 million people,) accurate food labeling is a critical health issue. The words 'gluten free' on a package go way beyond being trendy.